Devis Grebu

For crossing from one bank to the other, from one world to the next ... Spanning an abyss, a gap in the clouds, a vacuum in time, a fatal rift: bridges, ladders, rainbows. Leaping toward the promised land, the realm of ideas or the unknown, for better or for worse: traditions, arches, footbridges. And conver- sely, to convey the invi- sible into visible, thought into vision, nevermore into hereafter, imagination into reality: metaphors.

Yvette Metral

in Devis Grebu:
"Through an artist’s eye
(Rizzoli monograph)

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50 Years
Israel Independence Day

Comic strips

I truly hope that's obvious to everyone, the nature of my style - no matter the area within which my pencil answers the challenge. My liking for the unknown, the not-yet-discovered, is for me a constant challenge. While discovering new mysteries I discover myself. However I have never been interested in solving or inventing theoretical problems in painting. My development has always been solitary. Where certain exceptional artists, original art monuments or prolific civilizations have influenced me, it was more like falling in love. I like to take risks, to overcome difficulties. I am challenged by the unknown because I discover myself through the discovery of things. And I put myself to the test while testing reality. Clearly, I am volatile. I don't like to take root, to become a prisoner of habit. Instinctively, I seek new paths – more out of a liberating impulse than conscious will. (D.G.)