Devis Grebu

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As in some nightmares, reflections of the self, sma- shed into atoms, reverbe- rate on and on, shreds of an ego that foundered in the spring tides of the soul, dreams torn to pieces, bro- ken rigging adrift at the verge of the unthinkable.

Yvette Metral

in Devis Grebu:
"Through an artist’s eye
(Rizzoli monograph)

Typically, I will have an encounter. Call it a revelation. I accumulate new feelings, new sensations. And one day, they explode without premeditation. I have had such encounters. Some encounters were like miracles, the disclosure of new sensations and feelings: with the works of Bonnard, Matisse, the British painter Francis Bacon, and the American artist Alice Neel. And I have been moved by phenomena as diverse as the Egyptian papyrus at the British Museum in London - which is remarkable for its formal composition and decorative manner - and the fantastic imaginary stone palace designed and built single-handedly by Facteur Cheval - a true genius who worked as a mailman in rural southern France towards the end of the nineteenth century. Also, I remember seeing a Saul Steinberg retrospective. I left overwhelmed, doubtful of my own talent. Sometimes you are compelled by admiration to review and question your own work. Romanian folklore has provided me, like my exceptional compatriot Brâncusi, with an invaluably rich background, as has Romanian popular music, which is unique in its strangeness, its refined primitivism. What provokes my emotion and admiration of cultures or artists is the same: spontaneity, authenticity, a spirit of sincerity and unexpected harmonies. These are essential qualities to me. In Israel, the colors of the landscape (and the psychological atmosphere of the country) probably influenced my choice of subtle tones and muted colors and my use of violent metaphors. In Paris, and France in general, I was able to enrich myself in all areas of philosophy and literature and to refine my taste. As for New York, it is intoxicating - a twentieth century metropolis of fervent energies.



While discovering new mysteries, I discover myself.
However, I have never been interested
in solving or inventing theoretical problems
in painting.