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The artist casts his eye over the world, a penetrating eye engendering a world that we, in turn, can explore. Whether the artist’s world is a mirror of our own or a new world in gestation, to let our eyes wander inside this singular universe is a venture from which we may return altered, or perhaps more intensely aware of ourselves. Thereafter, whenever we look back at the world – our world – we will not recognize it, nor will we recognize ourselves in it. A dizzying journey through a shifting reality... Nothing is as treacherous as resemblance: there we are, striding confindently through a familiar-looking land, when the face of the earth, the beautiful face of Creation, starts to crack and warp. Abysses yawn, exposing writhing monsters in which we are compelled to recognize ourselves. Disturbing encounter, revealing confronta- tion. From our wanderings through the artist’s world we shall return with a new mind’s eye.

Yvette Metral - from "Rizzoli" Monograph
        "Devis Grebu - Through an artist’s eye”


I think that no one describes himself with total objectivity, but if I were to paint a self- portrait, I'd probably depict a world-weary artist who has suffered many hardships in his seventy years. I'd paint a man whose eyes have witnessed cruelty - war, pogroms, discrimination. As a Romanian-born artist who has lived most of his adult life in different lands, I imagine myself like a tree, uprooted by strong winds, flying towards other fertile springs. Perhaps I would paint a Byzantine mosaic face with a detached, bitter and anxious expression, one that has never really felt at home in this world. The hands would be sensitive and full of nervous energy, I would choose a somber palette, as I am somewhat gloomy. At the same time, splashes of bright color would indicate my passion for life. Then, I might place this man behind an easel in a vast landscape, because the foundation of my life has been to express my ideas on a canvas. In fact, my art has been shaped by my difficult and turbulent life. (Devis Grebu)

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